Our founder, Mr. Jinny Ruan started his own factory in Dongguan city, named Classy Display.
About 30 people followed him, those who had more than10 years experience in mannequin industry.

2006 - 2008,
Classy Display was growing very fast in high-end mannequin designing and manufacturing.
Staffs increased from 30 to 150.

2009 - 2010,
To grow the business,  Mr. Jinny changed the company name to YiShangYi Mannequins.
The investment capital is RMB 2 million.
Factory moved to Hengli Town in Dongguan city, emplyees increased to 180, annual gross
sales is about USD 8 million.

In order to cater to increasing demands,  Mr. Jinny opened second factory in Shipai Town, named Far East Display with more than 100 employees.

The total employees of YiShangYi and Far East reached to 300.